Spices, Soups and Gravy

Spices, Soups and Gravy

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Monkey Dust 454g


Freddy Hirsch - Kameelhout Boerewors

Medium spice bled of coriander, complimented with cloves and and a hit of nutmeg.

Freddy Hirsch - Hunters Biltong 2kg

Sweet Beefy Flavor with Coriander top notes biltong seasoning.

Freddy Hirsch - Chilli Hot Mix 1kg

A spicy savory seasoning with top notes of garlic & a cayenne pepper burn.

Freddy Hirsch - Cumberland Pork Sausage 1kg

Mace, ginger and nutmeg top notes compliment the natural pork flavor.

Freddy Hirsh - Curry Seasoning - 1kg

Typical Curry flavor with top notes of cumin and turmeric.

Freddy Hirsch - Hunters Biltong 200g

Sweet beefy flavor with coriander top note