Lamb Sosaties (Kebabs)

We supply the spiced, cubed meat with onions and the bamboo sticks. You add your favorites vegetables, e.g. peppers and apricots.
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Boerewors ("Farmer's Sausage")

Traditional South African sausage with a medium spice bled of coriander, complimented with cloves and a hint of nutmeg. This sausage is made using a combination of beef and pork.

Droe Wors / Dried Sausage - 1 lb.

1 lb Droe Wors / Dried Sausage.

Biltong - 1 lb.

1 lb biltong. Select from wet or dry, lean or fat, sliced or not.

Chili Droe Wors / Dried Sausage - 1 lb.

1 lb Chili Droe Wors / Dried Sausage.